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Deep Dive into Data Governance and Compliance – DAMA Certification Preparation

Ari Hovi Oy
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2 700 EUR
Deep Dive into Data Governance and Compliance – DAMA Certification Preparation

Deep Dive into Data Governance and Compliance – DAMA Certification Preparation

This training course will provide the rationale why Information Management is critical and provide practical methods and practices for addressing key Data Asset Management and Governance challenges and equip organisations to address the challenges that increased regulatory scrutiny brings.

Course Purpose

Information is at the heart of all organizations, like blood flowing through its arteries and veins. However, all too often Information is not professionally managed with the rigour and discipline that it demands. Nonetheless the implications of poorly managed information can be catastrophic, from legal and other regulatory sanctions ultimately to business collapse.

Not only is Management, Stewardship and Governance of the Data Asset critically important for improved business efficiency, flexibility and competitive advantage, but now in the era of increasing Information based Regulatory and Compliance rules it is essential.

Every day we read about Data security and risk concerns, and these together with current and emerging regulations such as the Data Protection Act, BCBS239 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)mean that managing your Data Asset and effective Governance is no longer optional.

How can we manage our data and prepare for these regulations? What does Data Governance really mean, how practically do we make it work, and what are its implications? Does implementing Data Governance require a massive “big bang” exercise or is it possible to build data governance processes incrementally?

Course Description

This 3-day course will provide a solid foundation in the topic of Data asset management and Governance by describing its purpose, outcome, the typical organization structures required and the key business drivers for Data Governance.

It will highlight the Data Asset management and Governance implications of various regulatory acts with a focus on GDPR and illustrate how organisations can prepare for compliance.

Additionally, the practical roles responsibilities and activities involved in establishing successful Data Governance together with example Data Governance metrics for measuring progress of a Data Governance initiative will be highlighted. Importantly it will show how Data Asset management and Governance can be implemented in bite sized chunks vs being introduced in a top-down “big bang” manner.

The vital relationship between Data Governance and other core disciplines of Master Data Management, Data Modelling, Metadata Management& Data Quality management will be highlighted.

This 3-day course addresses all the core Data Asset management and Governance considerations and introduces the other associated Information Management disciplines. Taught by an industry recognized DAMA DMBoK(2.0) author, CDMP(Fellow)and recipient of the DAMA Lifetime Achievement Award, this course provides a solid foundation for anyone interested in Data Governance.

Learning goals

Level set understanding & terminology:

  • Learn about the need for and application of Data Asset management and Governance for different categories of challenges
  • Understand the Data Asset management and Governance implications of a variety of regulatory acts and how to prepare your organisation for compliance.
  • Understand the Data Governance implications of GDPR and the key steps to ensure compliance –whilst improving organisational Data Management.
  • Explore a Business focused Data Governance framework and understand how it aligns with other architecture frameworks
  • Understand the core concept of Information lifecycle management, the different stages and why they are important
  • Understand the critical role that Data Governance plays in the Information disciplines of Master Data Management and Data Quality management.
  • Understand the detailed Data Governance roles together with the activities required for them –including Data Owner, Data Steward and Data Custodian.

Course topics

  • Introduction to Data Asset management and Governance:
    • What is Data Governance and why it is important.
    • What is the difference between Data Governance and IT Governance and does it matter?
  • The relationship between Data Governance and the other Information disciplines
    • The critical reasons why Master Data Management initiatives must have Data Governance in place
    • How Data Governance is supported by Data Modelling
    • Why Data Quality management and Data Governance are interdependent
    • Why some types of Master & Reference Data Management initiatives cannot succeed without components of Data Governance
  • The Data Asset management and Governance implications of selected regulatory acts
    • EU GDPR, what are the major data governance consequences
    • What steps can you take to conform with GDPR
    • BASEL BCBS 239 Principles for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting, and why is this different from rules-based regulations and where does Data Governance help?
    • Overview of the Data Management implications of a selection of other regulations
    • The key steps that organisations can take to prepare for compliance with current and future regulations.
  • A pragmatic workable framework for Data Asset management and Governance
    • How to produce a realistic business case for DG linked to business objectives
      • The issues faced when Data Governance is not present.
      • How Data Regulations and Acts can be incorporated into Business cases
    • Developing the business case & the kick off foundation activities.
    • The core essential components of a Data Governance framework
    • Starting the Data Governance Program, what you must get in place early
    • The different Data Governance approaches from Process centric, to Data centric to Systems centric and more
  • How to determine the Data Governance operating model most suited to start DG in your organisation, and why this may not be the ultimate ideal choice.
  • Is Data Asset management and Governance being too theoretical?
    • What am I really going to see from a DG initiative.
    • Are there some quick realistic aspects a DG program should focus on first.
    • How to build a transition plan for Data Governance that delivers real improvements whilst developing the overall DG roadmap.
  • Data Asset management and Governance Organisation, Roles and Responsibilities
    • Organisational models and Target Operating models for Data Governance
      • Catering for different organisation styles and sizes
      • Understanding organisation culture
      • The different Data Governance operating models from Centralised, Hybrid, Federated, Self-Organising teams, and Stealth
    • The typical roles, responsibilities, organization structures and principles for successful Data Governance
    • The Roles, Responsibilities’ and Activities in Data Governance
      • Responsibilities &Activities of the Data Owner
      • Responsibilities & Activities of the Steward
      • Responsibilities & Activities of the Data Custodian & System Owner
      • Stakeholders and the other roles that are typically present.
    • Competencies and skills required for the core Data Governance roles
    • Building DG in bite sized pieces;
    • Can we introduce DG covertly?
  • Keeping a Data Asset management and Governance initiative going:
    • Now it’s started; how do you sustain Data Governance.
    • Baking Data Governance into Business as Usual activities and making it real
    • Capturing & reporting upon Data Governance metrics& their relationship with Data Quality metrics
    • Linking Data Governance principles, standards and metrics
  • The role of the Data Governance office (DGO)
    • Why the DGO is critical for sustaining success,
    • The relationship between the DGO and the Project Management Office (PMO).

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This course is intended for personnel involved in Data Asset management and Governance, Master Data Management and/or Data Quality, initiatives including:

  • Information Managers,
  • Information Quality Practitioners,
  • Executives,
  • Technology Leaders,
  • Business Technology Partners,
  • Business Analysts,
  • Enterprise Architects,
  • Information Architects, and
  • Data Architects.


Chris Bradley, Information Strategist, Independent Advisor & Trainer. Vice President Professional Development at DAMA International

Christopher Bradley has spent 38 years in the forefront of the Information Management field, working for International organisations in Information Management Strategy, Data Governance, Data Quality, Information Assurance, Master Data Management, Metadata Management, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence.

He is VP of Professional Development for DAMA-International, the inaugural Fellowof DAMA CDMP, past president of DAMA UK.  He is an author of the DMBOK 2 and author & examiner for professional certifications.


2 700 € + alv 24%

Certification test 300 €

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