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Event Management

Gain a holistic understanding of event management by international experts in the field!

This course is designed to equip you with a 360° view of organizing meetings and events. Throughout this course, you will discover event management theory and tools with an abundance of supporting resources to help you understand the multidisciplinary nature of the MICE industry. You will be given the knowledge and tools to plan, produce and tailor-make events to local, national and international audiences.

In recent years, there has been an explosion of digital solutions for in-person, hybrid and virtual events across the world and you will find new ways to scale up events in a more ethical and sustainable way.

Course objectives

  • Understand the complex and multidisciplinary nature of the Meetings and Events industry
  • Learn key elements of sustainable event planning, marketing, finance, negotiating with suppliers and venues, contracting, and onsite event management
  • Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to enjoy a successful career in the MICE industry


This course equips the students with the knowledge required by the event industry standards and helps them shape the skills that will allow them to progress in the industry with the necessary know-how and practical tools.

Upon completion of the course, the student is able to:

  • Understand the structure of the diverse and multidisciplinary events industry
  • Respond to the various needs of event stakeholders and communicate efficiently
  • Understand how to plan and organise events using the Event Canvas
  • Understand the basic framework of planning an in-person, hybrid, or virtual event
  • Create an event budget and pricing strategy
  • Create a seamless user experience for all event attendees
  • Carry out risk assessments and contingency planning
  • Demonstrate ability to contract and successfully negotiate with venues
  • Create a ‘wow-effect’ on digital venues
  • Reach desired the right target audiences with the right marketing communication
  • Understand health and safety as well as data security in events
  • Evaluate events for effectiveness and success based on unique goals
  • Understand how to design sustainable, diverse and inclusive events
  • Understand industry trends and how to continuously stay educated and connected

Course outline

This course consists of ten modules and under each module, there is a number of valuable and insightful video lessons. The modules are the following:

Module 1. An overview of the event industry

Module 2. Event Planning

Module 3. Event Customer Experience

Module 4. Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion

Module 5. The Event Operations and Venue Contracting

Module 6. Marketing for Events: Theory and Practice

Module 7. Pricing and Sales Strategy

Module 8. Safety and Data Security in Events

Module 9. Event Industry Current and Future Trends

Module 10. Case study: Clarion Hotel Helsinki

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This course is suitable both foraspiring students of higher education in the fieldof Business or Tourism management as well aspractitioners in the event management field.

Tutkinto / todistus

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a Course Certificate issued by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences that can be instantly downloaded from the HH Online platform.


The course is carried out according to the participant's own schedule. The estimated workload is 81 hours.

Please note, that the course includes:

  • 56 video lessons
  • 3 hours of video material
  • valuable academic bibliography, research articles, 1 ebook
  • 2 assignments
  • 1 final quiz
  • + additional academic material and podcasts


Anna Junnila

Anna is an industry leader as the Associate Regional Vice President for Scandinavia, The Baltics, and Russia in HelmsBriscoe, the largest meetings procurement company in the world. She is also an international trendsetter having co-designed and launched the first-ever augmented remote site visit tool in 2020 with Virtuprove and Visualizer. She has 17 years of professional experience in the MICE industry. Her career spans from opening’s office in their second-largest market in the UK in 2010, to cofounding Color Obstacle Rush which has expanded to 16 countries, and Helsinki Fashion Week. She has experience from managing event portfolios from 200 000 attendees R &V festival in New Zealand to organizing C-level congresses in ASEAN and EMEA and operating as the Deputy Venue Manager London 2012 Olympic Games. She holds a Master´s degree in Hospitality Management from Cornell University, a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management, and a Diploma in Strategic Marketing from London Marketing Institute.

Chryssa Skodra

Chryssa is an event success manager, journalist and educator. Having graduated with a Master’s degree in Arts Management from the prestigious Sibelius Academy, she has been employed e.g. as Event Management lecturer in higher education. Also, she is an Accredited Lecturer in Intercultural Communication from the Hofstede Centre and a certified Event Success Manager by Lyyti. She has worked for mega-events such as the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.


195 € (incl. VAT 24 %)

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