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Food & Beverage Management

The course takes the student to a new level in understanding the business logic of F&B as part of the hospitality business.

Course overview

The Food & Beverage (F&B) sector is one of the most dynamic, vibrant, and exciting areas of service management. To thrive in this global, competitive landscape, those pursuing a successful career in F&B need to familiarise themselves with the key tenets of F&B management.

By undertaking this course, students will learn about the structure and characteristics of the food service industry, explore best practices and common issues in operational management, as well as get a comprehensive introduction to the types of technology used in F&B management. The course concludes by considering current challenges and emerging trends in contemporary F&B management, equipping you with the knowledge required to level-up your professional competence.

The participants are expected to watch all the video content under each module, acquaint oneself with additional materials provided, review the video podcast, and then take the quiz. The quiz can be taken 3 times and we recommend that participants watch the videos until they feel they master the topic.

Course objectives

The course aims to offer course participants an understanding of the following topics:

  • Understanding the general structure of food service business, including different operational models and service concepts
  • Familiarity with key theory underlying F&B management
  • Identifying and managing common challenges and friction points in F&B operations
  • Recognising the increasingly important role of technology in F&B management
  • Identifying current issues and exploiting emerging trends in F&B settings


Upon successful completion of the course, the course participants will gain knowledge of the following:

  • diversity of food service as a sector of economic activity
  • critical success factors and their relative importance in different parts of the F&B sector
  • common challenges and main friction points in F&B management
  • role of technology in F&B
  • following and adapting to changes in the market, including customer trends and technological progress

Course outline

This course consists of 5 tutorials and each one contains a variety of video lessons. The tutorials and lessons are the following:

Tutorial 1. F&B as an operational environment

Tutorial 2. Types of F&B organisations

Tutorial 3. Operational management in F&B

Tutorial 4. Hospitality operating systems

Tutorial 5. Fluctuating Customer Tastes

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This is an introductory course to F&B. It is for everyone interested in pursuing a career in this business sector of vast opportunities – worldwide. A sector developing rapidly, making room to modern technology, not forgetting the background and origin of the business. This course also serves well for people already working in F&B, wanting to broaden their skills and knowledge base.


The course is carried out according to the participant's own schedule. Estimated total study time is 54 hours.

Please note, that the course includes:

  • 35 videos
  • over 2hours of video material
  • one podcast, 5 quizzes


Dr. Aarni Tuomi

Dr. Tuomi , is a senior lecturer at the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, on its hospitality campus. Drawing on his background in international Restaurant Management, Service Design, and Technology Research & Development, Dr. Aarni Tuomi’s research, and teaching explores the future of the service sector, particularly in relation to emerging technology.  


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