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Hospitality Brand Design

Branding for hospitality has become increasingly important to remain competitive. Brands with clarity of vision and unique experiences will continue to outperform those without them. In this course you will learn pioneering ideas and new approaches to hospitality design.

Course overview

Great branding matters whether you are a start-up or a legacy business. Creating successful brands follows a process that is part art and part science. Learn the value of branding and how it is researched, shaped and executed at successful hospitality brands around the world. The process of branding is a collaborative, multi-faceted process led by a team of right-brain (creatives) and left-brain (pragmatists) thinkers.

This course is highly valuable to a number of audiences: advanced university students of marketing and brand management, middle and senior managers in the hospitality and service sector aiming to create or strengthen the company brand, and for parties dealing with increasing long-term company value through strategic brand design.

You will learn how to move through the research and strategy phases through the creative process to arrive at a brand that is distinctive and desirable. This course helps you understand the process and deliverables, then offers templates and exercises for you to build your own hospitality brand. The participants are expected to watch all the video content under each module, acquaint themselves with additional materials provided, and then take the quizzes. The quiz can be taken 3 times and we recommend that participants watch the videos and practise until they feel they master the topic.

Course objectives

  • what hospitality branding is today?
  • lessons learned from actual hotel and restaurant case studies.
  • how brand creation differs from one-off and prototype brands.
  • how to conduct research, move through the creative process and document your brand.

After completing the course, the participant:

  • is familiar with the concept of branding
  • understands the importance of differentiation via brand design
  • is able to use the current tools of branding
  • is able to evaluate brand work and its role in the success of any service company


After completing the course, the participant:

  • Understands branding and how it contributes to the success of every business
  • Understands how branding is done and who makes it happen
  • Uses major branding tools with ease

Course outline

Module 1 – What is branding?

Module 2 – Branding, Design and Service: Overview

Module 3 – Brand Design Process Overview

Module 4 – Case Study: Reverb by Hard Rock

Module 5 – Research and Strategy

Module 6 – Brand Development

Module 7 – Implementation

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    The course is carried out according to the participant's own schedule. Estimated total study time is 135 hours.

    Please note, that the course includes:

    • over 3,5 h of video
    • 8 assignments
    • 7 quizzes
    • Hospitality Brand Design Handbook
    • additional reading


    Ron Swidler, Chief Innovation Officer, The Gettys Group Companies, Chicago, Illinois

    Ron is the Chief Innovation Officer that provides brand strategy and creation services at The Gettys Group. He has pioneered new approaches to experience design and collaboration, applying them to branding projects for leading global hotel companies, independent resorts and restaurants, and The Hotel of Tomorrow™ Project, an industry-leading think tank he founded. The result has been compelling brands and ideas throughout the world. He can be found in all forms of media, teaching at a number of universities and speaking at numerous conferences. Ron Swidler with his passion for pioneering ideas and new approaches to hospitality design, he delivers to you more than two decades of experience to The Gettys Group as Principal in charge of branding.


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