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Hospitality Law

Educate yourself to identify and handle legal risks before they become costly to your business. Secure your investments from legal problems by studying basic knowledge about hospitality law.

Legal issues may become costly for your company. Mastering the laws and statutes of our field enable you to foresee and identify risks, find reliable information and get help when problems occur. The basic principles of the course will help you to solve problems together with legal experts.

Failing to follow laws and statutes or misinterpreting them may slow down your business, or even jeopardize its existence. By investing in legal concept understanding you can diminish the risk caused by ignorance, which might have far-reaching consequences.

Course objectives

In this course, you will:

  • Be taught the basic principles of jurisdiction
  • Acquire a proper overview of laws and statutes regulating the HoReCa business
  • Be able to identify and foresee potential risks ahead
  • Be acquainted with the most relevant laws and statutes in the business
  • Familiarize yourself on how to acquire relevant up-to-date information from trustworthy sources


Module 1. Basic legal concepts

Module 2. Employment in the hospitality industry

Module 3. Travelling and law

Module 4. Hotel and accommodation law

Module 5. Data protection

Module 6. Intellectual property rights and trade secrets

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            Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering entrepreneurs, experts, and consultants in the field, as well as to persons in managerial positions in the HoReCa and service business


            The course is carried out according to the participant's own schedule. The estimated workload is 135 hours.

            Please note, that the course includes:

            • 25 videos
            • valuable additional material
            • 6 quizzes


            Janne Jokinen, advocate and trained on the bench, Haaga-Helia UAS senior lecturer

            Janne is an experienced Advocate and Trained on the Bench with a background in advisory and dispute resolution. In addition, he has an extensive lecturing background in various legal topics with private sector operators and part-time lecturing at Haaga-Helia. 


            650 € (incl. VAT 24 %)

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