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Agile for Business Analysts - Agile liiketoiminnan analyytikoille

International Institute for Learning Finland
12 hours
700 EUR excl. VAT (yht. 868 EUR)
On-Demand Learning (Self-Paced)

Agile for Business Analysts - Agile liiketoiminnan analyytikoille


Be agile in any environment and lead your organization in becoming more agile

The agile philosophy in software development and in management is one of flexibility and responsiveness, increased communication and just-in-time decision making, and the removal of barriers of bureaucracy between the business problem and the solution. The agile approach appears to be in direct opposition to intermediaries and interpreters. Extended analytical processes are replaced by short delivery cycles.

Business analysts, acting as intermediaries between those with the problem and those with the solution, providing analysis of the business processes and defining requirements that delineate the solution, may find their role evaporating in the agile sunlight.  

Is the role of the business analyst being marginalized by agile development? What does the business analyst do in the new agile environment? This course answers these questions by defining the variety of roles and options a business analyst has in agile development approaches. The course also describes real-life techniques for business analysts to be agile in any environment and to lead their organizations in becoming more agile.

The goals of this course are to define alternate paths for the business analyst working in agile software development and to specify techniques business analysts can use to move their organizations to a more agile stance.

What you will learn

You’ll learn how to:

  • Be an active and contributing member of an agile software development team
  • Perform the business-related activities of solving the business problem in an agile manner
  • Add value to the business and to the problem-solving effort
  • Assist the organization in becoming more flexible, responsive, and agile 

Auta organisaatiotasi kehittymään yhä ketterämmäksi

Agile-menetelmät tarkoittavat ohjelmistokehityksessä ja johtamisessa ketteriä ja joustavia menetelmiä, nopeaa reagointikykyä muutoksiin sekä liisääntynyttä viestintää.

Kurssin tavoitteena on hahmoittaa liiketoiminta-analyytikon vaihtoehtoisia polkuja ja tekniikoita työskennellä ketterien ohjelmistokehitysmenetelmien parissa kehittääkseen organisaatiotaan yhä ketterämmäksi. 


This course is for business analysts faced with an IT department moving toward or considering agile software development or a department which has already adopted agile software development.

  • Business analysts interested in learning Agile concepts and practices
  • IT managers who want to know what all the fuss is about
  • Business analysts who are facing the introduction of agile software development in their organization 
  • Anyone wishing to help make their organization more flexible and responsive
  • Software developers beginning an agile software development effort
  • Project managers interested in managing in a more agile manner
  • Management engaged in transitions to agile software development or agile management 


Course overview

Getting Started

  • Introductions
  • Course structure
  • Course goals and objectives

Foundation Concepts

  • The Evolution of agile
  • Agile Manifesto
  • The Value Box
  • The Seven Positions of the Business Analyst 
  • The Keys and Characteristics of Agile

The Role of the Business Analyst in Agile Software Development 

  • Agile software development practices 
  • The role of the business analyst in Scrum
  • Product owner and business collaboration 
    • Managing and grooming a product backlog 
    • Facilitating the Scrum meetings 
  • Development team and solution collaboration 

Adding Value to the Organization 

  • Defining the value points
  • Guiding the value judgments 
  • Facilitating the process 

The Agile Change Agent

  • The components of change
  • Identifying impact
    • Six levels of impact
    • Agile impact analysis 
  • Controlling the transition 
    • Managing the organizational change
    • Scheduling releases and change

Agile Business Analyst Techniques 

  • Managing expectations 
    • What are expectations?
    • Identifying expectations 
    • Expectation management techniques 
  • Find the new and free the old 
    • Value orientation 
    • Changing the rules
    • Becoming an agile business analyst 


  • What did we learn, and how can we implement this in our work environments?


IIL has a wide variety of delivery methods of their training sessions to ensure an optimal learning experience for you. The delivery method option of this course is:

  • On-Demand (Self-Paced interactive video learning): Set your own pace with a recorded online version of this course and log on when and where you learn best.

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