IPMA Level C Preparation Course

Kumura Oy, Verkossa
2 days
1 500 EUR excl. VAT (yht. 1 860 EUR)
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Delivery method
2 days
1 500 EUR excl. VAT (yht. 1 860 EUR)
Next course start
4 huhtikuuta, 2024 katso lisätiedot
Delivery method
alkaen 1 500 EUR excl. VAT / osallistuja

IPMA Level C Preparation Course

IPMA Level C Preparation Course / Kumura

This training event equips you with the key skills and methods of project management through hands-on exercises, designed for applying the methods in practice. Training focuses on the competence elements defined by the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline (ICB) 4.0 and puts you in a good position for passing the IPMA Level C test.

Working methods

Training is arranged fully online, supported by our versatile Howspace learning platform. Studying involves both individual and group tasks, with facilitated discussions and sharing participants’ experiences. Certain modules are shared (via Teams connection), while others are performed individually, whenever you have the perfect time slot for it. Participants have a chance to pose questions to the trainer both during  the Teams session, or offline on the learning platform.

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4 huhtikuuta, 2024

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Target group

For Project Managers and other project professionals with a minimum of three (3) years of project management experience who want to demonstrate their competence with an internationally acknowledged IPMA Level C certificate. This is a preparation course, and the actual IPMA Level C certification event is arranged separately by Projektiammattilaiset ry. Please familiarize yourself with the detailed requirements on their web pages. 

Recommended starting level

This training will benefit you the most if you have attended a basic level project management training, or have acquired a corresponding level of PM knowledge, methods and best practices by other means. Also, in order to get registered for the actual certification, please remember that you need minimum of three (3) years of Project Manager experience (or acting as a sub-project manager) during the past six (6) years.

Tutkinto, todistus ym.

Whether you will register for the actual IPMA C Level certification or not, you will automatically receive a digital badge verifying your participation for this training event. This badge can be easily published for instance on your LinkedIn page.


Participants can also sign up for a separate (free) 2-hour coaching session with a walk-through of the Practice Exam, and another chance for discussing the content or the certification requirements. Please consult our Training Calendar for these monthly sessions.

Prior to the training we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the certification requirements. Once registered to this preparation course through our Training Calendar, you will receive a detailed training agenda and a short prework, orienting you to the topics.


Opening, objectives and introductions 

An overview of the IPMA C Level certification

  • Requirements for getting certified
  • Registration and certification processes 
  • Overview of ICB 4.0 Competence Areas 

Perspective competences describe the external factors impacting the execution of the project, including strategy, organizational support for the projects, and other themes to be taken into account in individuals projects.    

  • Strategy 
  • Governance, structures and processes 
  • Compliance, standards and regulations 
  • Power and interest 
  • Culture and values 

People competences describe the individual and interpersonal skills needed for successful execution of a project.  

  • Self-reflection and self-management 
  • Personal integrity and reliability 
  • Personal communication 
  • Relations and engagement 
  • Leadership 
  • Teamwork 
  • Conflict and crisis 
  • Resourcefulness 
  • Negotiation 
  • Results orientation 

Practice compentences are specific methods, tools or techniques used for successful execution of a project. 

  • Design  
  • Goals, objectives and benefits 
  • Scope 
  • Time
  • Organization and information  
  • Quality  
  • Finance 
  • Resources 
  • Procurement and partnership  
  • Plan and control  
  • Risk and opportunities 
  • Stakeholders 
  • Change and transformation 

Myös yrityskohtaisesti räätälöitynä

This training is also available as a tailor-made course to your organization. Contact us!


IPMA Level C Preparation Course:

1 500 € (excl. VAT 24%)


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