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Project Management Advanced (eLearning course)

18 hours
600 EUR excl. VAT
Flexible start
Project Management Advanced (eLearning course) | Projekti-Instituutti

Project Management Advanced (eLearning course)

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • apply some essentials leadership techniques, such as negotiation and conflict management.
  • master the execution of more complex projects.
  • apply some more advanced project management techniques such as procurement, in-depth risk analysis, etc.


The course is available in following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German


The learner proceeds from one module to the other at their individual pace, with the help of a theoretical overview, instructions how to apply the concepts, examples, and checklists. Emphasis is given to the application of knowledge with the help of exercises and explanations how to apply the theory in practice.

Throughout the modules, the learners are encouraged to apply the knowledge and to respond to specific questions.


Coaching is included in the course. The learners are followed by a distant coach who ensures that they make regular progress and oversees the exercises they do. Learners may ask the coach questions via e-mail. The questions will be answered within one working day. Coaching languages are English and Finnish.  


This e-learning course consists of 9 modules:

  1. Methodology, stakeholders and roles within a project
  2. Estimations of costs and duration, planning and schedule, communication
  3. Distribution and supervision of work, integration management, quality assurance, performance reports and earned value analysis
  4. Identification, quantification, criticality and cost of risk
  5. Risk response and monitoring
  6. Supply management, contract management
  7. Acquisition and development of the team, diagnostic and measures
  8. Problem solving, negotiation, conflict management
  9. Business and projects, processes, project marketing

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Target group

  • Project managers who would like to complete their knowledge
  • Project managers who would like to perfect their skills in preparation for a certification


Good fundamentals knowledge in project management.


Approximately 18 hours (equal to 18 PDU or contact hours).


600 € (+ VAT)


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