Debbie Berebichez

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Debbie Berebichez

Debbie Berebichez

Deborah has delivered innovative keynotes and led workshops in English and Spanish at industry conferences, leadership retreats, investor events, technology meetings, teacher associations, women-led conferences and academic institutions around the world. Since March of 2020, these have been conducted virtually – either live or pre-recorded.

Deborah had the honor to share the stage with Melinda Gates as the keynote speaker at the largest conference for women in technology: Grace Hopper Celebration. Recent and upcoming appearances include IBM Cloud & AI Week, Merck, Allstate Insurance, Red Hat, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical, New York Times, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, CA Teachers Conference, WIRED UK, Kaplan’s Demystifying Data Science, Lawrence Art Center, TEDEd, TEDxColumbusCircle, DLD, Datacated, Strata Data Conference and the NY R Conference. In Spanish: TEDxPuraVida Costa Rica, GNP Seguros, Avaya Evolutions, Congreso Anual de Directores UNOi y Semana del Emprendedor INADEM.

Deborah has also presented at leading academic institutions including business schools and science, mathematics, or women history departments at Stanford, Cambridge University, Tel-Aviv University, IIT Kanpur, UNAM, Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences at NYU, Columbia, Whitman College and Wake Forest.

As a Physicist, Data Scientist, and TV host, Deborah is hired to explain complex ideas in lay and entertaining ways. She delivers innovative keynotes and workshops in English and Spanish for industry, educational institutions and women leadership meetings around the world. Her award-winning media work includes hosting hit science TV shows on Discovery, NatGeo, the Travel Channel and PBS NOVA, and she&aposs a frequent guest on leading channels including CNN, MSNBC, FOX and Univision. Deborahs work has been recognized by WSJ, Oprah, TED, DLD and WIRED. She was also elected as ambassador for the IF/THEN initiative by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Deborah is the first Mexican woman to graduate with a physics Ph.D. from Stanford University. She finished her PhD in physics with Nobel Laureate Robert Laughlin. For her doctoral dissertation, Deborah invented a highly effective technique in the field of wireless communications whereby a cell phone user can communicate with a desired target user in a location far away.

**Topics:** Internet of things, Innovation, Data Science, Critical Thinking, Change management, Future

**How Businesses Are Using Data to Thrive in Volatile Times**

In today’s volatile business environment, where it is tempting to make decisions based on personal opinion, gut feelings or groupthink, companies need data-literate employees who can make data-driven decisions more than ever: data-driven companies outperform their competitors. This talk is focused on how to create a data-literate workforce. Dr. Berebichez, Chief Data Scientist at Metis, will discuss how to build an environment where people and data work together for better business. In this talk you will learn three important techniques to extract the most value out of a company’s data and thrive:

· The proven benefits of a data-driven culture

· How to create a company-wide, data-driven business environment

· Examples of success and pitfalls to avoid when training employees in data-literacy

**Changing the World One Equation at a Time**

Debbie grew up in a conservative community that discouraged girls from pursuing a career in science, technology or engineering. In high school she was told that if she were too smart, she would never be liked and that it would be better for her to pursue a feminine career. But she wanted to understand how the world works, so she defied her parents and friends and studied physics becoming the first Mexican woman to graduate with a PhD in physics from Stanford. In this inspirational presentation, she shares the ups and downs of her path, which led her to becoming a physicist, a TV host of science programs and a mentor to young women who want to become scientists. Dr. Berebichez uses examples from her life-story to illustrate three principles – a strategic checklist that teaches women how to succeed in STEM (science, tech, engineering & math) and to remove barriers for other people to pursue careers in science and technology.

**Things about the Future and the Future of Things (IoT)**

Our lives are full of things. Alarm clock, shower, coffeemaker, clothes, phone, watch, car, computer, desk, chair—every day we interact with more things than people. If things could talk, they would be our best friends. And soon they will be. Because the things in our lives have started to talk to us, helping us make each day a little better, from the watch that monitors our health to the car that drives itself. This interconnected world—the Internet of Things (IoT)—offers new possibilities for personal growth. It offers exciting business opportunities and some unique challenges regarding data ethics, privacy and security. In this talk, Debbie presents examples of the new culture of experimentation and innovation brought upon by IoT and how new business models are being created. She explores the future of predictive maintenance, what happens when products become services, and helps you reimagine the future of your own products, services and existing supply chains. Debbie tells us stories of the wonderful future that IoT is bringing to us and how it’s defying the status quo in every aspect of our lives. She also discusses the important challenges to security and privacy that come with this new reality.

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