Micael Hermansson

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Micael Hermansson

Micael Hermansson

What if a lot of hidden secrets of how we listen, learn and remember can be found in a microlesson-formula that started in a classroom full of bored student?

**Grej of the Day**

Micke Hermansson is a rewarded TEDx -speaker and former teacher who created a new way to encourage a love of learning in his students. Facing a particularly difficult class made him revaluate all his ways of teaching and presenting. The results were truly amazing and the &quotlearning and motivation concept&quot, Grej of the Day -GOTD, have taken off and is now used by 100.000s of teachers all over the world. Today Mickes ideas have also been adopted by companies and CEOs who want to get their message across in an effective way.

• With keynotes based on equal parts research, storytelling and hands-on examples, Micke will share how GOTD has changed the teaching climate in thousands of classrooms.

• With a mix of theory and practice he also helps business leaders and companies to become more effective and confident in this &quotAge of Presentation&quot.

• With one foot in education and one in public speaking, Micke really knows how to reach out to any audience and he will help you to find tools and techniques to make your presentations memorable.

**The Presentation lift**

In this energy-filled lecture on the art of reaching out, you as an audience get, among other things, this:

• Loads of useful tips on simple and effective presentation techniques that you can start using the very next day.

• Knowledge about the importance of sharp intros, how to work with storytelling, concrete tips about your body language and of course why, when and how you should add a couple of memorable WOW moments.

• Micke will also show you how to create the ultimate powerpoint presentation.

In short – you´ll get access to Micke’s most effective presentation tools, and rhetoric techniques that you want to use in your next presentation. This is a keynote that will make the audience go home with smiling faces and a strong desire to modify their upcoming presentations. With a background in both rhetoric and pedagogy, he is well aware of how knowledge transfers travels successfully and in this humorous and energizing keynote the audience will be inspired from the first to the last minute.

Micael has coached companies such as Oriflame, PwC, Kinnarps möbler, Handelskammaren...

**Let Micael Hermansson – an internationally rewarded TED speaker and keynote speaker – inspire you to become a master in the art of presenting.**

Popular topics:

- The international success of Grej of the Day

- How to master the art of reaching out

- The Presentation-lift

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