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Vladimer Botsvadze

Vladimer Botsvadze

World's No. 1 Marketing & AI Thought Leader by Thinkers 360

Vladimer Botsvadze is a globally-renowned, multi-award-winning, digital transformation and social media influencer, Fortune 500 consultant, thought leader, futurist, professor, keynote speaker, startup advisor, C-suite mentor, and media personality, who has always been at the forefront of fast-paced industries. He has more than 15 years of international experience in marketing and innovation with a proven track record of guiding executives and top brands worldwide to initiate change, drive growth, and position brands as market leaders in their industries. Vladimer has enjoyed an outstanding career at the top of the technology industry and is recognized as one of the brightest minds in digital transformation. With such a world-class career, he continues to play a pivotal role in maximizing top brands' success. Having worked at the epicentre of the world's largest e-commerce businesses, he is able to share the predictions on the future of marketing. He has been described as ''the world's best digital marketing consultant and speaker'' and ''a force of passion and unique insights for business'' by his global clients. Exeleon Magazine has called him ''a pioneer across the globe.''

Hitting the ground running, Vladimer has become an Advisory Council Member at Harvard Business Review. He also serves on the Advisory Boards for the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute, the United States Data Science Institute, and the United States Cybersecurity Institute. Vladimer has started mentoring entrepreneurs at UCLA Anderson School of Management and UCL Innovation and Enterprise. His expertise is trusted by the American Marketing Association. He has been elected as a jury member at the Digital Revolution Awards and the Prolific North Marketing Awards in the United Kingdom and he has also joined the Marketing and Social Media Committee of the American Business Awards in NYC. Gartner has appointed him as a jury member for its Marketing and Communication Awards in 2023. He has also worked as a judge for the Lisbon Advertising Festival. Vladimer has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, and Yahoo Finance. He has played an instrumental role in the market domination of his personal brand and established a world-class reputation for always bringing innovation to the table with every project.

The work he has done to advance marketing has been recognized globally winning more than 200 global awards. He is currently ranked as the No. 1 Global Marketing, Social Media and Retail Thought Leader by Thinkers360. The Enterprise World Magazine has listed him among the Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs to Watch. He has been included among the Top 10 Inspiring Business Leaders by the Insights Success Magazine. Vladimer has been recognized as a Transformative Leader of the Year by the Exeleon Magazine in the US. Sparity has named him among the Top 25 Digital Transformation Influencers. Global Gurus recognized Vladimer among the Top 30 Internet Marketing Gurus in 2022. RETHINK Retail has included him among the Top 100 Global Retail Influencers. ENGAGE has acknowledged him among the Top 100 Marketing Speakers. In addition, he has been recognized as a global thought leader and influencer by Onalytica, The Awards Magazine, Kred, GlobalData, Retail Insight Network, Whizlabs, Engati, Rise.Global and The Keenfolks.

His awards epitomize his success as a tech expert, sharing how he has shaped his name into one of the biggest personal brands and transformed the marketing industry. He has a real passion for technology, having consistently built his Twitter for 10 years and accumulated a strong track record by performing at top global events such as Digital Talk Forum, Asia Retail Summit, Conversational AI Summit, Global Marketing Summit, and he has been invited as a speaker by Startup Grind. His dedication to building Twitter has put Vladimer at the forefront of innovation as to how social media plays a key role in building businesses worldwide. He has risen to global prominence and gained popularity singlehandedly by building his Twitter (55,400 followers), Linkedin (27,600 followers), and Instagram (10,000 followers), a total of 130,000 engaged followers from 1,142 cities and 185 countries across all his social media platforms. His work inspires 40 million people annually on Twitter where his insights impact global businesses. Addressing audiences internationally, encouraging actionable change, and motivating people to become more confident, Vladimer is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on all audiences.

Highly sought-after for global status, he has been transforming the future of his global clients. Vladimer has delivered an array of presentations challenging the status quo. He aims to leave people inspired to take action at the end of each keynote speech. He advises boards and executive teams of the world's most powerful brands. He has developed an outstanding stage presence who delivers inspiring talks. Vladimer helps brands, executives, and entrepreneurs see the future differently. He inspires audiences to think outside the box and sets new standards for maximizing their online success. He is a renowned influencer and a frequent visitor to continents where he is on a mission to make a difference and impact as many business owners as possible. Vladimer shares his first-hand practical experiences, which allow top leaders to grow their revenues and income, increase productivity, drive engagement, improve customer retention, and deliver extraordinary team results.

Millionaire entrepreneurs seek his advice and millions of people have utilized his strategies in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, London, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Istanbul, Doha, Dubai, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney. His eye-opening presentations are highly insightful. Any brand can be successful online if they think forward, Vladimer ensures long-term growth. His knowledge of driving revenue and building a world-class brand makes him an in-demand speaker on the speaking circuit. The No. 1 Global Marketing Thought Leader is available to hire for events and conferences around the world. Booking him as a speaker means booking the best, whose ideas add something special to corporate events and cannot be missed. A brilliant addition as a speaker, presenter, panelist, or trainer who is an inspiration for other business owners in the pursuit of success. When looking for a speaker with the best expertise in top-level technology, Vladimer is the perfect choice for corporate events.

Keynote Topic Examples:

  • Build Your World-Class Personal Brand
  • The Future of Web 3.0 and Metaverse
  • The Importance of Digital Transformation and Social Media For Business Growth
  • How to Build a Winning Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy
  • How Brands Can Win the Battle For Attention on the Web
  • The Future of Retail: Staying Ahead of the Pace of Change

    All of Vladimer's speeches are tailored to clients' requirements and interests.

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