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A John Craddock 5-day Hands-on Masterclass: Microsoft Identity

Sulava Oy
5 päivää
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A John Craddock 5-day Hands-on Masterclass: Microsoft Identity

Come to this Masterclass written and delivered by John Craddock.

Discover how the identity solutions offered by Azure Active Directory, on-premises AD FS and AD will help you build identity systems for the future using protocols that include OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0. In the Masterclass you will learn how to authenticate and provide authorization factors to applications that can be located on-premises or in the cloud. The source of identity of the users could be from you own corporate network, your Azure AD domain, a partner organization and/or a social identity provider such as Facebook or Google.

The class provides detailed learning through the extensive use of hands-on labs. Attendees will not only learn the fundamentals and principles, but also learn how-to deploy and troubleshoot the solutions. In-depth learning will be gained through the use tools, such as Fiddler, to analyse and understand the protocol flows.
Trainer John Craddock:
John Craddock is a Microsoft MVP and has been involved in Microsoft solutions since the early days of Windows and Windows NT. John spoke on Active Directory at the Windows 2000 launch events and has focused on identity solutions since the first release of AD FS for Windows Server 2003. His role as an identity and security architect has seen him involved in many IT projects for industry leaders including Microsoft, the UK Government and multi-nationals. He is an international speaker who has featured at many events throughout the world.

“Very comprehensive course! Loved Johns's enthusiasm. A lot o deep dive knowledge. The course was very hands-on and the course material is very comprehensive an up to date.”

“Couldn't had hoped for a more experienced instructor with actual knowledge of current possibilities (including previews) and not just PowerPoint slides that were up to speed two years ago when they were first created. 9/10 instructor led classes have information that has since been deprecated or replaced as a functionality but John is the one out of ten where this is not the case.”

“The course was amazing and instructor John really knew what he was talking about.”

"I still prefer the old school classroom courses but I understand completely how that couldn't have been possible amidst the current global pandemic and can't think of anything how the online course could've been done better. Excellent work on that!"


The content of the masterclass has been adjusted. AD FS is still included; however, the content has been reduced, and the hands-on labs for AD FS are optional extras that can be completed after the class.

Please go here to get the latest content:

Video introduction

Implementation: Online, Live Instructor-Led Course via Zoom

Length: 5 days

Dates and time zones:

The next online public events are as follows:

Monday 14th - Friday 18th March 2022 8:00 - 16:00 EST

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