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Game-Changing Pitch and Presentation Skills

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Game-Changing Pitch and Presentation Skills

Learn how to deliver a clear and compelling pitch or presentation that best represents your work and your genuine personality. Using the mVm® human-communication system, create a memorable remote or in-person presentation that inspires your audience far beyond just understanding your content.

You will walk away with…
1) The physical keys to overcome stage fright
2) The physical keys to increase confidence
3) The physical keys to turn nerves into that spark of charisma
4) The physical keys to build trust
5) The physical keys to evoke empathy with your audience
6) The physical keys to hold a party’s attention
7) The physical keys to master the art of relaxed and flowing dialogue with your audience

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This highly-interactive presentation training is appropriate for both the highly skilled software engineer or IT professional who hates presenting and the experienced sales person looking to go from good to great. It is also suitable for IT executives, who use these skills regularly in their line of work.


9.00 – 12.00: Morning Session

  • What makes a great speaker? Including practical & relevant case study examples
  • The Key Foundation for Empowered Presentations
  • Introduction to the physical habits that make you a more effective speaker

12.00 – 13.00: Lunch

13.00 – 16.00: Afternoon Session

  • More physical habits to make you an effective speaker
  • Applying what you’ve learned to Mock Scenarios
  • Individual coaching of (2-3) volunteer participants to see how applying the tools shifts the presentation in real time
  • The session will end with a group discussion and review of what we have learned


Americans with Finnish hearts: Both Scott Miller & John Patrick have extensive experience in Finland, including speaking at AmCham, working with organizations like Price Waterhouse Cooper, and training students at the Finnish National Theatre Training School (TEAK). Many of the leading Finnish actors have honed their skills with mVm®.

Scott Miller
With four decades of experience as a coach and teacher, Scott Miller developed the mVm®, a revolutionary communication method not only grounded in decades of field research at New York University (NYU), but also incorporating data from the latest neuroscientific research on memory, linguistics, and cognition carried out by world-renowned institutions like NYU’s Department of Psychology & Neural Science. A visionary and long-time investigator of human behavior, his primary focus is coaching global leaders to effectively communicate and fulfill their mission.

Scott has been received in corporations, law firms, film sets, recording studios, theatres, and workshops around the world, and has trained groups, teams, and individuals from over fifty countries. In 2018, Scott coached 13 U.S. Congressional candidates running in districts held by the opposing party; 12 of the 13 candidates won. His work is geared toward those who seek to discover, embody, and sustain peak performance in their chosen lives.

John Patrick
JP is a Professor of Communication in the Department of Public Policy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As the Director of Private Sector Consulting for Miller Communication Consulting, JP specializes in group trainings to enhance empathy and navigate stressful scenarios. JP consults for AmLaw200 law firms, international architectural firms, financial services firms, and sits on the board of the UNC Chapel Hill Conflict Management Institute.

Scott Miller and John Patrick have trained individuals and executives from institutions such as Facebook, Netflix, Bloomberg, Bank of America, the Olympics, and the European Union.


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