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SPM Training Excellence Level Product Strategy

3 days
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Helsinki, Nationwide
SPM Training Excellence Level Product Strategy

SPM Training Excellence Level Product Strategy

Based on the big success of ISPMA-based SPM Foundation Level Trainings, which have been available since early 2012, and the wishes of many training participants, ISPMA has extended its Curriculum with syllabi for four Excellence Level Trainings. These trainings focus on methods and their practical application, i.e. there is sufficient room for realistic case studies and exercises. Certification is offered for each training.

This Excellence Level Training on Product Strategy addresses questions like: What is the right strategy for your product to achieve business success in changing times? Utilize the business model canvas to make your strategic decisions, get feedback faster and make informed adjustments.

TIVIA can organize a tailored training for groups. 


  • Introduction
    • Software Product Management Overview & Framework
    • Role of Product Strategy
    • Business Model Concept and Canvas
    • Mapping
  • Business Models in the Software Industry
    • Software Business Models for Companies and Products
  • Customer Segments and Value Propositions
    • Identifying Customer Needs and Segmentation
    • Value Proposition
    • Positioning
    • Whole Product Concept
  • Partnerships and the Software Ecosystem
    • Software Ecosystems and Their Players
    • Selecting and Managing Partners
  • Channels
    • Sales Channels in Relation to Products
    • Defining the Channel Strategy
    • Managing the Channels
  • Competition and Other Alternatives
    • Identifying and Analyzing the Customers’ Alternatives
    • Defining the Competitive Strategy
  • Revenue Streams
    • Defining Revenue Streams
    • Pricing Strategies
    • Building Revenue Models
  • Cost Structure
    • Cost Drivers in Software’s Unique Cost Structure
    • Building the Financial Model
    • Business Cases
  • Business Measures, KPIs, Risk Management
    • Defining Business Measures
    • Managing the Product’s Business Performance
    • Identifying and Managing Risks
  • Legal aspects
    • Contracts and Intellectual Property
    • Open Source
    • Data Protection

Certification test

At the end of the last day of the training TIVIA offers the attendees the opportunity to take the ISPMA certification test. The test is performed as a written examination and is facilitated by theInternational Software Quality Institute. You can become a certified ISPMA member.

Want to know more?

For more information about SPM Training Excellence Level Product Strategy, please submit an information request below and the school will contact you with further information.

Target Audience

  • CEO’s in digital or platform business
  • CIO’s and CDO’s in change of digital service and platform business development and transformation roadmap
  • Digital service managers interested in getting a broader perspective on the role and becoming certified product managers
  • Platfrom business owners interested in getting a broader perspective on the role and becoming certified product managers
  • Product owners interested in getting a broader perspective on the role and becoming certified product managers
  • New product managers interested in getting a broader perspective on the role and becoming certified product managers
  • Scrum product owners interested in a broader perspective on managing software products
  • Experienced product managers interested in understanding product management based on a comprehensive, industry-standard framework
  • Engineering professionals like developers, architects and development leadership interested in understand the business side of product development

The course participants must have a fundamental understanding of the software business, but the course requires no specific technical or commercial competencies.


Hans-Bernd Kittlaus is an internationally renowned expert on SPM. He has been working as a trainer and a consultant for software organizations such as Samsung, SimCorp, big and small software and internet organizations and corporate IT organizations in a number of different industries. Before this, he was head of SPM and development units of IBM. He is the chairman of ISPMA, and has published numerous articles and books. In spring 2017, Springer will also publish his new book ”Software Product Management: The ISPMA-Compliant Study Guide and Handbook”.


  • Normal Price TIVIA member 2500€ + VAT 24%
  • Normal Price Non-member 3300€ + VAT 24%
  • Certification Exam 300€ + VAT 24%

At the end of the last training day, participants can optionally undergo the exam for the ”ISPMA Certified Software Product Manager Excellence Level Product Strategy” certificate (exam fee € 300,- plus tax).

Price includes: course participation, course material.

Check out the early bird prices available until 15th March!

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