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Managing Agile and Waterfall Projects

IIL Finland Oy
Length: 2 days
Price: 550 - 1 295 EUR excl. VAT
Language: English
Type of education: Avoin koulutus
Location: Helsinki, Verkossa/etänä
Start dates
30.5.2019   (English)
1 295 EUR
On-Demand virtual Learning (Self-Paced)  (English)
550 EUR

Managing Agile and Waterfall Projects

Agile Development and Project Management Training

Ota käyttöösi ketterä kehitysmenetelmä ja koe sen vaikutus projektinhallintaan

Tällä Agile-kurssilla opit, miten ketterä menetelmä eroaa perinteisistä ohjelmistokehitysmenetelmistä ja miten ketteriä käytäntöjä voidaan soveltaa erilaisiin ohjelmistokehitystilanteisiin.

Kurssilla käyt läpi ketterän johtamisen periaatteet, jotka mahdollistavat ketterän lähestymistavan projektinhallintaan myös ohjelmistokehityksen ulkopuolella. Lisäksi opit, miten olemassaoleva ohjelmistokehitysmenetelmä voidaan muuntaa ketteräksi menetelmäksi. Koulutus on englanninkielinen.

Introducing Agile Development and its Relation to Project Management

This training provides the principles and precepts of a number of software development and quality management methods that are based on speeding the time to market. The Agile development approach enables cycle time reductions through lower process overhead and more efficient and responsive practices. Its benefits have also been adapted outside of the IT environment to benefit other types of projects.

This course presents the Agile approach and principles showing the participant how they differ from the traditional approach to managing software development. 

Goals of the training

There are two goals in this course:

  • To introduce the Agile software development approach’s principles and practices. 
  • To explore how this approach could enhance the more traditional development and project management philosophies and practices.

After the training you know how to

  • compare and contrast the Agile approach to the continuum of more traditional software development approaches. Apply selected Agile practices to specific software development situations. 
  • explain selected Agile leadership principles that enable an Agile approach to project management, either in or beyond the software development environment. 
  • define and adapt a process for transforming an existing software development methodology to a more Agile approach.


Are you interested in learning about Agile development?

By filling the information request form you can contact IIL for more detailed information about the course.

Target group

The training is suitable for

  • developers interested in learning Agile concepts and practices
  • IT managers who want to know what all the fuss is about
  • those involved in the Agile approach who want to refine their techniques or learn some new practices
  • project managers interested in leading their software projects with more agility


Basic understanding of object-oriented terms and techniques is required.

Course Level: Basic / Intermediate

Delivery method

IIL has a wide variety of delivery methods of their training sessions to ensure an optimal learning experience for you. The delivery method options of this course are:

  • Traditional Classroom: Engage with our  instructors and a diverse group of peers in a Traditional Classroom version of this course.

  • Virtual Classroom (Live): Dynamic and fully interactive, a live, online version of this course is led by an instructor and conducted in real time.

  • On-Demand (Self-Paced interactive video learning): Set your own pace with a recorded online version of this course and log on when and where you learn best.


The course covers the following themes:

  • Foundation Concepts
  • Solution-focused Agile Development Practices (Requirements, Analysis, and Design)
  • Product-focused Agile Development Practices (Development, Testing & Deployment)
  • Process-focused Agile Development Practices (Agility and Project management)
  • Implementing Agile Development

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