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Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Prep

IIL Finland Oy
Length: 5 days
Price: 2 095 EUR excl. VAT
Language: English
Type of education: Avoin koulutus
Location: Helsinki, Verkossa/etänä
Start dates
10.12.2018   (English)
2 095 EUR
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Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Prep

The Project Management Certificate Program – The Kerzner Approach

Hanki projektinhallinnan sertifikaatti – Kerzner-lähestymistapa

Tämä koulutus käsittelee Kerzner-lähestymistapaa, jonka avulla parantaa projektinhallinnan taitoja.

Ohjelma on suunniteltu kehittämään taitojasi ja kykyjäsi projektinhallinnan ammattilaisena. Se myös valmistaa sinut PMI:n  Project Management Professional (PMP®) -koetta varten. Kurssi antaa sinulle sekä käytännön taitoja että konsepteja, jotka hyödyttävät sinua jokapäiväisessä työssäsi. Kurssi sisältää myös PMI:n oppaan A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Koulutus voidaan järjestää suomeksi tai englanniksi.

The Project Management Certificate Program (5 Day)

The Kerzner Approach® to Project Management Excellence     

The Project Management Certificate Program is scheduled around the world at convenient locations. This program is spread over five consecutive days.

Performance Focus

  • To provide you with the knowledge and skills to perform professional project management in your day-to-day work environment
  • To impart sufficient knowledge for you to pass the Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential examination

During the course you will deal with the following themes:

  • Project Management Framework
  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Time Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Human Resource Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Communications Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Cross-cutting skills
  • PMP® Exam Preparation

Are you interested in taking the Project Management Certificate?

By filling the information request form you can contact IIL for more detailed information about the course.

*If you need to prepare for the PMP® certification exam as quickly and effectively as possible, or if you need a “refresher” course before taking the PMP® exam, please see our 3-day Prep Course for PMP® Certification Exam.


"I came to the course looking to build upon what I know about project management and to get myself prepared for PMP certification. Really a very good course and a highly enjoyable week. Your training was excellent, combining theory and examples from the field and extracting the valid points from the different contributions from the group. This was one of the most worthwhile workshops I have been to."(Classroom participant from Saudi Aramco) 

"The test chapters are very beneficial. The instructor is very knowledgeable and has great presentation skills that made every minute in the course interesting." (On-Demand participant from Dell EMC) 

Target group

The training is designed to

  • project managers
  • team members
  • field staff members
  • project engineers
  • design engineers
  • project leaders
  • administrators
  • industrial engineers
  • program managers
  • manufacturing engineers
  • operations managers
  • functional managers
  • Information Technology professionals
  • R&D managers
  • marketing directors
  • Six Sigma Black Belts
  • and others involved directly or indirectly with projects in virtually every industry.

You should have at least 15 hours of dedicated Project Management training before taking this workshop, in addition to the standard PMI® requirements.

Course Level: Intermediate


"I can honestly say that the 5 Day Bootcamp was invaluable and don't know how anyone could get through [the exam] without it. Thank you so much."
− Michelle D., Solutions Development Manager

"I am very glad to let you know that I have cleared the PMP exam. I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you who made my PMP mission easier."
− Xavier P., Transition Lead

"International Institute for Learning with complete rights can call themselves a global leader in project, program and portfolio management learning solutions... I can recommend IIL classes to anyone who wants more from their education."
− Denis V., Senior Project Manager

Delivery method

IIL has a wide variety of delivery methods of their training sessions to ensure an optimal learning experience for you. The delivery method options of this course are:

  • Traditional Classroom: Engage with our  instructors and a diverse group of peers in a Traditional Classroom version of this course.

  • Virtual Classroom (Live): Dynamic and fully interactive, a live, online version of this course is led by an instructor and conducted in real time.

Koulutuksen aikataulu

Course Overview

Project Management Framework  

  • PMBOK® Guide – structure and intent 
  • Project Management Maturity Model (PMMM) 
  • Definitions 
  • Project life cycle 
  • Project portfolio management 
  • Project management process groups 
  • Knowledge areas 
  • PMBOK® Guide process model  

Project Integration Management  

  • Defining project success 
  • Competing demands 
  • Focus of integrated planning 
  • Areas of expertise needed by the project team 
  • Process group interaction in a project 
  • Initiating projects 
  • Developing a project charter 
  • Project selection methods 
  • Benefit measurement methods 
  • Project scope statement 
  • Key project planning deliverables 
  • Change control   

Project Stakeholder Management

  • Identifying stakeholders 
  • Stakeholder analysis 
  • Planning stakeholder management 
  • Managing stakeholder engagement 
  • Stakeholder communication techniques 
  • Interpersonal skills when dealing with stakeholders 
  • Managing stakeholder meetings   

Project Scope Management  

  • Project scope planning 
  • Project scope definition 
  • Scope statement 
  • Statement of work 
  • Work breakdown structure (WBS) 
  • Decomposition 
  • Responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) 
  • Scope validation 
  • Scope control   

Project Time Management 

  • Project time management processes 
  • Natural transition from scope management 
  • Activity definition processes 
  • WBS decomposition 
  • Activity sequencing 
  • Precedence diagramming method 
  • Precedence relationships 
  • Activity resource estimating 
  • Activity duration estimating 
  • Estimating approached 
  • Schedule development 
  • Critical path method (CPM) 
  • PERT 
  • Critical chain techniques 
  • Schedule negotiations 
  • Schedule control 

Project Cost Management  

  • Cost management plan 
  • Cost estimating 
  • Estimating checklist 
  • Learning curve 
  • Cost budgeting 
  • Reserve 
  • Project life-cycle costs 

Project Human Resource Management  

  • Organizational influences 
  • Organizational structures 
  • Human resource planning 
  • Staff management plans and acquisition 
  • Developing the project team 
  • Team building and leadership 
  • Approaches to conflict 

Project Quality Management 

  • The importance of quality 
  • Historical evolution of quality 
  • Quality planning process 
  • Quality characteristics 
  • Quality policy 
  • Quality assurance 
  • Quality control 
  • Quality tools 
  • Six Sigma  

Project Risk Management 

  • Risk terminology 
  • Risk management planning 
  • Risk identification 
  • Risk analysis – qualitative and quantitative 
  • Risk response planning 
  • Risk monitoring and control 

Project Communications Management

  • Types of communication 
  • Communications process 
  • Barriers to effective communication 
  • Communication planning 
  • Stakeholder analysis 
  • Communications plan 
  • Communication styles 
  • Meetings 
  • Performance reporting 
  • Managing stakeholders  

Project Procurement Management  

  • Procurement planning process 
  • Buyers and sellers 
  • Purchase plans and acquisitions 
  • Types of contracts 
  • Contract costs 
  • Proposals 
  • Contract negotiations 
  • Contract control 
  • Contract change control 
  • Legal perspectives 
  • Contract closure 

Cross-cutting skills 

  • Professional and social responsibility tasks 
  • Code of conduct 
  • Sample questions  

PMP Exam Preparation 

  • The PMP certification process 
  • PMP examination specification 
  • PMP eligibility requirements 
  • The revised PMP credential examination overview 
  • Additional study references 
  • Formulas and other fun stuff 
  • Study plan and study groups 
  • Application options 

Course details

World Trade Center Helsinki, Aleksanterinkatu 17, 00100 Helsinki.


We often have a senior level international subject-matter-expert facilitating this intensive course. Please request for more information from IIL. The public classroom course offers in addition to Project Management and exam prep tips, also opportunity for international networking among participants. 

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IIL Finland Oy

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