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Innovation Project Management

International Institute for Learning Finland
9 hours
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Innovation Project Management

Companies need growth for survival. Companies cannot grow simply through cost reduction and reengineering efforts. Innovation is needed and someone must manage these innovation projects. Over the past two decades, there has been a great deal of literature published on innovation and innovation management. Converting a creative idea into reality requires projects and some form of project management. Unfortunately, innovation projects, which are viewed as strategic projects, may not be able to be managed using the traditional project management philosophy we teach in our project management courses. There are different skill sets needed, different tools, and different life-cycle phases. Innovation varies from industry to industry and even companies within the same industry cannot come to an agreement on how innovation project management should work.

This program describes the relationship that needs to be established between innovation, business strategy, and project management to turn a creative idea into a reality. We will explore the importance of identifying the components of an innovative culture, existing differences, challenges, and the new set of skills needed in innovation project management.

The program includesInnovation Project Managementby Dr. Harold Kerzner, eBook, John Wiley & Sons publishers, 2019.

Course overview

Getting Started

Foundation Concepts: Introduction to Innovation

  • Understanding innovation and its role in a company
  • Differences between traditional (operational) and strategic projects
  • Differences between innovation and R&D
  • Alternative views of innovation and why innovation often struggles

Linking Innovation Project Management to Business Strategy

  • Business side of innovation project management
  • Innovation targeting and getting close to the customers’ needs
  • Line-of-sight to the strategic objectives
  • Innovation enterprise environmental factors
  • Tools for linking

Innovation Using Co-Creation

  • Open versus closed innovation
  • Open innovation versus crowdsourcing
  • Benefits of internal innovation and of co-creation (external) innovation
  • Selecting co-creation partners and the focus of co-creation
  • Issues with intellectual property
  • Understanding co-creation values and the importance of value-in-use

Classification of Innovations and Innovation Projects

  • Types of projects and innovations
  • Competency-enhancing versus competency-destroying innovations
  • Types of innovation novelty

Public Sector Innovation

  • Comparing public and private sector project management
  • Types of public service innovations
  • Reasons for some public sector innovation failures

Introduction to Innovation Project Management

  • Why traditional project management may not work
  • The need for a knowledge management system
  • Differences between traditional and innovation project management
  • Issues with the “one-size-fits-all” methodology
  • Using end-to-end innovation project management
  • Technology readiness levels (TRLs)
  • Integrating Kanban principles into innovation project management

Innovation and the Human Resources Management Challenge

  • Obtaining resources
  • Need for a talent pipeline and for effective resource management practices
  • Prioritizing resource utilization
  • Using organizational slack

Corporate Innovation Governance

  • Types of innovation governance
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Innovation Project Portfolio Management Office (IPPMO)
  • Using nondisclosure agreements, secrecy agreements, confidentiality agreements, and patents
  • Adverse effects of governance decisions

Innovation Project Management Cultures

  • Characteristics of a culture for innovation
  • Types of cultures
  • Selecting the right people
  • Linking innovation to rewards and the impact of the organizational reward system

Innovation Competencies

  • Types of innovation leadership
  • Need for active listening
  • Design thinking
  • Dealing with ambiguity, uncertainty, risks, crises, and human factors

Value-Based Innovation Project Management Metrics

  • Importance of innovation project management metrics
  • Understanding value-driven project management
  • Differences between benefits and value – and when to measure
  • Traditional versus the investment life cycle
  • Benefits harvesting
  • Benefits and value sustainment
  • Resistance to change
  • Tangible and intangible innovation project management metrics

Business Model Innovation

  • Business model characteristics
  • Impact of disruptive innovation

Innovation Roadblocks

  • Roadblocks and challenges facing project managers
  • Ways to overcome the roadblocks

Defining Innovation Success and Failure

  • Categories for innovation success and failure
  • Need for suitability and exit criteria
  • Reasons for innovation project failure

Predictions on the Future of Innovation Project Management

Summary and Next Steps

Who should attend

This program is designed for project managers, innovation team members, and people responsible for innovation governance.


Please request more info on schedule. 


Live virtual, link will be provided


Dr. Harold Kerzner, Senior Vice President and author of many Project Management books. 

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