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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Program - Dataperusteinen johtaminsen perusteet

International Institute for Learning Finland
8 hours
650 - 1 295 EUR excl. VAT (yht. 806 EUR, 1 295 EUR)
Helsinki, Verkossa
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1 295 EUR
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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Program - Dataperusteinen johtaminsen perusteet


Build a Knowledge Base of the Facets of Lean Six Sigma

This course is designed to teach you the fundamental concepts of Lean Six Sigma and enable you to achieve IIL's Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification. 

The Lean Six Sigma methodology is focused on improving business performance, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency and productivity. In this course, you'll get an introduction to what Lean Six Sigma is about, including its vision, key metrics, and the DMAIC process (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) which is the foundation of Lean Six Sigma and the de facto tool for process improvement.

Improved processes result in higher quality, lower costs, and increased customer satisfaction!

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Requirements 

Candidates for IIL’s Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification must attend the Yellow Belt Certification Program and achieve a passing score (70% or higher) on a 30-question multiple-choice exam.

Rakenna tietopohja Lean Six Sigma - menetelmistä

Koulutus on suunniteltu tarjoamaan sinulle Lean Six Sigma- menetelmien perusteet ja mahdollistaa IIL:n Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt - sertifikaatin suorittamisen. Lean Six Sigma - menetelmät keskittyvät liiketoiminnan kehitysprosesseihin, parantamalla muun muassa tehokkuutta ja tuottavuutta. Koulutuksessa saat johdatuksen Lean Six Sigman käytäntöihin, kuten visioon ja DMAIC-prosesseihin. 


Anyone interested in learning the fundamental principles, concepts and terminology of Lean Six Sigma will benefit from this course. Executives, managers, support employees, account managers, sales representatives and operational managers who support Lean Six Sigma (either internally or externally through customers engaged in this initiative) should not miss this opportunity. This class is also perfect for employees about to participate on a Lean Six Sigma team.


Getting Started

  • Introductions
  • Course structure
  • Course goals and objectives

Introduction to the Fundamentals and Vision of Lean Six Sigma

  • Lean Six Sigma’s focus on the customer, on quality and on results
  • The costs of poor quality
  • Critical factors to consider when deploying Lean Six Sigma
  • Lean Six Sigma as a process improvement methodology
  • Lean Six Sigma metrics
  • Why do it – return on investment (ROI) and payback for Lean Six Sigma
  • Business Process Management
  • Critical Lean Six Sigma roles and responsibilities
  • Main aspects of managing the organizational change
  • Project selection

Metrics of Lean Six Sigma and the DMAIC Model

  • How to strategically align business metrics and projects within an organization
  • How to identify and measure quality characteristics which are critical to customers
  • What does the customer (internal or external) really want from our products and services?
  • Establishing appropriate teams and setting those teams up to be successful
  • What defines a good measurement system?
  • How are we doing? (the secret to measuring the right things correctly)
  • How to improve output measures by understanding and measuring the process
  • Where are there defects? (how to properly select and scope high-impact projects)
  • Where is the process broken? (the Lean Six Sigma version of root cause analysis)
  • How to determine the process efficiency, or value add, of a process
  • The appropriate use of quality tools
  • Understanding the concept of variation and how to reduce knee-jerk reactions
  • How to achieve breakthrough results for any key measure
  • How can we ensure the identified improvements will be sustainable? (the
    basics of process control)

Course Summary and Next Steps


IIL has a wide variety of delivery methods of their training sessions to ensure an optimal learning experience for you. The delivery method options of this course are:

  • Traditional Classroom: Engage with our  instructors and a diverse group of peers in a Traditional Classroom version of this course.

  • On-Demand (Self-Paced interactive video learning): Set your own pace with a recorded online version of this course and log on when and where you learn best.

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