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Green Belt Training, Coaching and Certification, English Wave

Jaatinen B.V.
9 päivää
3 450 EUR + alv 24 %
Espoo, Useita paikkakuntia, Verkossa
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3 450 EUR

3 450 EUR
On request

3 450 EUR
On request

Green Belt Training, Coaching and Certification, English Wave

Green Belt Training, Coaching and Certification, English Wave

Improve Your Project Leadeship Skills, Learn to Apply Lean Six Sigma and get GB Certified

Next English Green Belt training in the summer 2021! The training will be organized on-line if classroom trainings are still not possible due to COVID-19.

Would you like to improve your project leadership skills and learn how to apply Lean Six Sigma to boost your project results?

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training offered by Jaatinen B.V. covers the major Lean Six Sigma and Change Management Methods needed in improvement projects. After the training you may also aply for the the Green Belt Certification. 

To improve the learning effect it is recommended for participants to have their own improvement project parallel to the training. Between the training modules the trainer will provide remote coaching to support you in your project.  

Learn 12 steps of Lean Six Sigma Project Management and more

The Green Belt training will focus on the most important Lean Six Sigma and Change management activities, tools and techniques, which are needed to complete a Lean Six Sigma project successfully. 

After the Green Belt Training you will

  • know how to apply the most common Lean Six Sigma methods and tools, which are needed in a successful project completion of a Lean Six Sigma Project.
  • you have completed the first project or will be able to complete it within a planned schedule.

The following topics are covered in the Green Belt training:

  • Project Management: 12 Steps DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control)
  • Define: Voice of the Customer (VOC), Critical to Quality (CTQ), Project Goals, Project Charter, Risk Matrix
  • Measure: Process Mapping (SIPOC), Operational Definitions, Measurement System Analyses (MSA)
  • Analyse: Process Capability and various root cause analysis, for example Value Stream Mapping and the Forms of Waste.
  • Improve: Various Statistical analysis (Hypothesis Testing), Lean Solutions (Push/Pull, 5 S, Kanban, Poka-Yoke) and Validation Testing
  • Control: Standardized Work Procedures, Critical Process Indicators (KPI’s), Visual Management, Behaviour Observation Program, Out of Control Action Plan (OCAP) and Continuos Improvement
  • Change Management: Lean 6 Sigma Leadership Model, Stakeholder Analysis, Team Roles, Communication Levels, Influencing Methods and Facilitation Skills.

The Green Belt Training is interactive and contains lots of concrete models, examples and simulations as well as “Lessons Learned” Examples form other organizations.

Once you have completed the project work you will have an opportunity to get the work approved and receive the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

Interested in the Training?

If you would like to receive more information about the English Green Belt Training, please contact us by click the button "Ota yhteyttä" on the top of the page. If you would like to register, please click the green button below "Ilmoittaudu".  

Who should attend?

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training suits to those acting as

  • project leaders in their own area of specialization
  • team members in broader improvement projects.

Training material

You will receive a digital English training material, which is structured according to the 12 steps of DMAIC. The activities and the tools are connected to the steps. This will make the use of the material user-friendly for various projects, even after the training. 

During the training you will use the Minitab software. The software is an essential tool in projects also after the training. The participants should have their own laptops with an installed Minitab license. If you need help in purchasing the Minitab software, please contact us

Training Dates and venue

The training will be organized in Espoo, Leppävaara.

The 9-day training will be split into three modules in four months. Between the training modules you will be able to apply your skills into practice within your project. In addition you will be able to get 4 hours of remote coaching support between the modules.

The training days for the next Green Belt Training:

  • Module 1: 28 - 30 June, 2021
  • Module 2: 12 - 14 July, 2021
  • Module 3: 01 - 03 September, 2021

If the COVID-19 still limits the possibility to organize classroom trainings, we will organize the complete training on-line.


Marja Jaatinen

The training will be given by Marja Jaatinen, certified MBB, M.Sc. in Chem.Eng.. Marja has more than 25 years' international business experience, the last 20 years as certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. She is certified by Jack Welch at General Electric and she was among the first Lean Six Sigma experts in Europe. Since 2005 Marja has worked as a consultant in a variety of (inter)national companies in industry, service and public sector, helping organizations to implement the Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma.


The price for the Green Belt training is 3.450,- € + VAT. / participant.

The price will include catering, the training material, 4 hours remote coaching, project approval for the Certification and the Green Belt Certification for those who have passed the certification criteria.

If you need more information of wish to register to the training, you can do so from the course page. Link is provided in the summary of this page. 

Jaatinen B.V.

Ota käyttöösi Lean ja Lean Six Sigma -toimintamallit ja tähtää pysyvään parannukseen!

Jaatinen B.V. on hollantilainen Lean Six Sigma -konsulttipalveluja kansainvälisellä tasolla tarjoava yhtiö, joka tarjoaa koulutuksia ja konsultointipalveluja myös Suomessa. Jaatinen B.V.:n johdolla yrityksesi pääsee pysyvään parannukseen Lean Six Sigman, Lean-johtamisen ja erilaisten käyttäytymistekniikoiden avulla. Erilaisia koulutuksia on tarjolla kaikille organisaatiotasoille....

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