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Data Vault 2.0 Bootcamp + Certification

Ari Hovi Oy
3 days
Helsinki, Verkossa

Data Vault 2.0 Bootcamp + Certification

This 3-day intensive course covers extensively all aspects of the new Data Vault 2.0 version. It teaches you how to be a general practitioner, and enables you to implement Data Vault 2.0 successfully within your organization. CDVP2 (Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner) is available privately for those who complete this course.

Topics during the course

Day 1:

  • Data Vault 2.0 Overview / Review / Introduction
  • Hadoop Overview (Cursory look)
  • SMP vs MPP
  • Data Vault at Lockheed Martin and Commonwealth Bank
  • Business Vault
  • Value of Data as an Asset
  • Business Processes to Business Keys
  • Hashing and Sequences
  • Common Terminology
  • Core DV Structures

Day 2:

  • Dependent Child (Data Modeling)
  • Driving Key
  • Link to Link Denormalization
  • Link Unit Of Work
  • Exploration Links
  • Applying Links
  • Non-Historized Link
  • Satellites in Depth
  • Reference Data
  • Distribution and Co-Location
  • Queries in Hadoop MPP / Hive
  • Point-in-Time and Bridge Tables (Dashboards, analytical, virtual marts)
  • Group Workshop

Day 3:

  • Workshop Review
  • Data Vault in a Data Lake
  • Record Source Tracking
  • Applying Set Logic
  • ELT / ETL Performance Tuning
  • Loading Architecture
  • Column Comparison and Hash Differences
  • Zero Key Concept
  • Staging Loads
  • DV2.0 Loading Templates / Standards
  • End-Dating Satellite Templates
  • Real-Time Loading
  • Dealing with Corrupted Data

Want to know more?

For more information about Data Vault 2.0 Bootcamp + Certification, please submit an information request below and the school will contact you with further information.


Dan Linstendt, the author and inventor of the Data Vault Model and Methodology.

Dan is an internationally known expert in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. He's worked in the field for over 23 years, and continues to help fortune 50 clients and government customers around the world in their pursuit of BI excellence. He's and expert in Big Data, Unstructed Data Systems, and Performance and Tuning.


3000 € + VAT.

Ari Hovi Oy

Ari Hovi Oy

Koulutuksistamme opit alan uusinta ja toimivinta osaamista.

Olemme yksi Suomen keskeisiä data-alan kouluttajia. Tuomme jatkuvasti Suomeen kansainvälisiä alan huippukouluttajia kouluttamaan asiakkaillemme alan uusimpia käytäntöjä ja toimintatapoja maailmalta (esim. Data Vault 2.0, DataOps ja TensorFlow 2.0). Kotimaiset kouluttajamme ovat alansa huippuja ja he omaavat vankkaa käytännön kokemusta. Koulutuksiimme...

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Yhteystiedot : Ari Hovi Oy

Ari Hovi Oy

Malminkatu 30
00100 Helsinki

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